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Three days Itinerary in The Cotswolds, UK

Three days Itinerary in The Cotswolds, UK

In 2019 I went on a long weekend trip to the Cotswolds as a small stay-cation. This was essentially a road trip as we drove all around the northern part of The Cotswolds before ending at Blenheim Palace for their special Alice in the Palace event and Christmas Night Trails. We also threw in a lightning fast visit to Oxford as well just for the giggles.

The Cotswolds is very difficult to explore fully without a car as you will either be at the mercy of the infrequent buses, be restricted to the few villages with a train station or having to pay for a tour. Having a car really opened up possibilities as the Cotswolds is a jumbled mess of  higgledy piggledy towns and villages; all vaguely linked with twisting uneven roads. Everything is charmingly wonky, much like the majority of the UK really, and being able to pick and choose where to go anytime is a luxury you can get with a car. 

I chose to stay in a charming Bed and Breakfast for the three days and two nights trip and highly recommend Sunny Nest B&B if you require a place near Bourton-on-the-Water.

It was a very relaxing trip overall with a lot of nature, walking, visiting churches and seeing charming stone buildings. After a while the villages do start looking very similar so I will recommend punctuating the trip with set activities in-between for variety. I ultimately recommend the Cotswolds for everyone except for adrenaline junkies and city breakers.

My itinerary for the trip:

Day 1: 29/11/19 

Day 2: 30/11/19 

Day 3: 01/12/19 

The Cotswolds 2019 Gallery

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