Two Weeks Itinerary in Japan

My 2019 two week holiday to Japan has been neatly separated into 46 posts throughout this blog; describing the areas I’ve travelled to, the sights I’ve seen, the foods I’ve eaten and the planning I’ve completed. Note that this trip was heavily influenced by the restrictions of the Kansai Wide Area and Kansai Hiroshima pass. For navigation purposes here are […]

Review: Rikuro Ojisan Cheesecake, Japan

If you dig into Youtube long enough looking at Asian desserts, sooner or later you would bump into reviews of a certain jiggly cheesecake: the Rikuro Ojisan cheesecake. You know the one: there’s a piping hot round cake, branded with a friendly Colonel Sanders like figure, coming out of the oven and into the eager paws of a few Asians […]