Two Weeks Itinerary in Japan

My 2019 two week holiday to Japan has been neatly separated into 46 posts throughout this blog; describing the areas I’ve travelled to, the sights I’ve seen, the foods I’ve eaten and the planning I’ve completed. Note that this trip was heavily influenced by the restrictions of the Kansai Wide Area and Kansai Hiroshima pass. For navigation purposes here are […]

Review: Food in Okayama, Japan

We stayed for one day and two nights in Okayama city and had four local sit down meals barring the Apron CafĂ© lunch on Naoshima Island. I like to think that our meals were pretty representative of Okayama; we had demi–katsudon in Ajitsukasa Nomura, fruit parfait in Kurashiki Momoko, Barazushi at Azuma-zushi and Shodoshima ramen in Hishio. Here’s a brief […]

Half Day in Okayama City, Japan Review

Okayama is one of those places in Japan that never quite hit the top 5 lists, sitting somewhat comfortably in around 13th place for best cities to visit. You get the standard popular cities such as Kyoto, Osaka, Tokyo and Hiroshima; then the further flung places such as Sapporo, Sendai and Okinawa. However its convenient location as a major transportation […]

Review: Okayama Kooraku Hotel, Japan

Japanese hotels are famous for having small and expensive rooms in comparison to other countries, this is especially true during cherry blossom season when the cost of lodging increases exponentially; I once found a place had increased its price by 200%! Space is such a premium in Japan that you generally need to pay through the nose for floor space […]

One day in Naoshima Island, Japan Review

Naoshima island is one of, if not the, most famous art islands in Japan. Located around 1.5 hours away from Okayama Station; the island is most famous for its unique artistic spaces, its compact size perfect for biking, and a giant yellow pumpkin. I’m not kidding. This island houses the world’s most famous pumpkin, so it’s a pretty big baller […]