Quick Review: Le Gambetta, France

Our last meal had to be seafood and ended up being at Le Gambetta in Nice. I say ended up because Nice restaurants have an allergy towards letting people know when their restaurants are actually open. I went to two permanently closed restaurants(?) before settling on Le Gambetta which was apparently a local favourite. By this time my mum was […]

Half day in Antibes, France Review

I’m going to be honest with you; I didn’t remember particularly enjoying Antibes. However this was mainly because all the restaurants I wanted to go to were closed and I was super hangry by the end of my visit. If you are to visit you should bring snacks because visiting outside of the tourism season is a brave choice. Port […]

Quick Review: Lou Bantry, France

The restaurant I’d planned to visit wasn’t open, likely because it wasn’t tourism season, so I ended up eating at Lou Bantry by process of elimination. It fit my criteria of being actually open, nearby, affordable and frankly I was too hungry to care.  Lou Bantry had a very strong blue nautical theme which was kitschy almost to the point […]

Half day in Monaco Review

What do I know about Monaco? It was the background of a James Bond movie I never saw, Grace Kelly was a princess there and it’s extremely affluent with fast cars and yachts galore.  Monte-Carlo Casino So the first place I visited was, appropriately, Monte-Carlo Casino. It had an appropriately grand exterior with its pure white walls… It was such […]