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Review: Rosenborg Castle, Copenhagen

Review: Rosenborg Castle, Copenhagen

When we visited Rosenborg Castle on a late Saturday afternoon we only had an hour before the place closed, so be aware that this post will be word light and photo heavy due to the lack of time spent on the visit.

Review: Rosenborg Castle


Rosenborg Castle is a lavishly decorated building in the Dutch Renaissance style and originally commissioned by Christian IV in the 17th century. It had been expanded several times and its current form was established in 1624. Copenhagen has several castles and I chose to visit this one as it’s generally agreed to have the most beautiful and well preserved interiors; which I have a huge soft spot for.

The Castle is conveniently located in the city centre within The Kings Garden, a popular area for locals. It was a very well looked after and manicured park which served as a neat backdrop for Rosenborg Castle.

Despite our late timing there was a huge queue for tickets which moved relatively quickly. Bags weren’t allowed inside the building

Ground and First Floor

Immediately entering the building we were given an indication of what to expect via the very ornate hallway.

The sheer quantity and quality of furnishings and antiques were astonishing.

This was from the first room alone:

We passed a room with Chinese touches:

A floor to ceiling tiled bathroom:

There were lots of red colours, nature themes and engravings:

The creepiest area was definitely the room filled with wax figurines of historical inhabitants of the castle. 

My favourite rooms were the two with the beautiful blue and green wallpaper: 

Organ room:

A mirrored room:

Several antiques:

There were beautiful ceilings everywhere:

And a lot of gold:

The only way upstairs was via the spiral staircases:

Second Floor

The last and most impressive area we visited inside was the Knights Hall on the second floor; with two thrones protected by three silver lions, a beautifully carved stucco ceiling and detailed tapestries depicting battles between Denmark and Sweden.

Review: Rosenborg Castle Review: Rosenborg Castle

The tour wasn’t over though as there was an underground treasury nearby displaying the crown jewels and the Danish crown regalia. I never let go of a chance to look at shiny rocks, so down the stairs into the dark we went to gawk at sparkling gems.

I really enjoyed my rushed visit to Rosenborg Castle and wished I had a bit more time to explore it. The interiors were varied, beautiful and carefully preserved. If there is only one castle/palace that you will visit in Copenhagen, Rosenborg Castle is a solid choice.


Rosenborg Castle

Website: http://www.kongernessamling.dk/en/rosenborg/

Address: Øster Voldgade 4A, 1350 København, Denmark

Opening hours: Summer 09:00 – 17:00, Winter 10:00 – 15:00 generally (closed Mondays), for exact timings check the website.

Cost:    Adults – 120,00 DKK / 13.65 GBP

                Children (0-17 years) – Free

                Groups (min 12) – 100,00 DKK / 11.37 GBP

                Students (with ID) – 85,00 DKK / 9.67 GBP

                Combined ticket Rosenborg & Amalienborg – 170,00 DKK / 19.33 GBP

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