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Review: Cedar House B&B in Matlock, Peak District Review

Review: Cedar House B&B in Matlock, Peak District Review

Due to the close proximity of most towns within the Peak District, the location of the hotel didn’t matter too much and we ultimately settled on Matlock for our four night stay.

I chose to stay in Cedar House B&B for three simple reasons: good reviews on Booking.com, good pricing at £75 per night for a double room and complimentary breakfast.

It was a tiny operation running in a terrace house at the back of a cul-de-sac. The owner wasn’t able to handle our check-in that day due to personal reasons, so she left us our keys in an envelope and we let ourselves in.

We immediately entered the dining room which was filled with wooden furniture and knick knacks like a little old lady’s home.

The decor was even more old fashioned upstairs with its wooden panelling and yellow carpets; along with cutesy details such as the heart motifs everywhere. 

This theme was reflected in our room which had what looked like 70s-80s textured wallpaper, cheesy wooden letters and slightly tired furniture.

To be honest this really wasn’t to my taste at all; I much prefer either minimalism or a modern interpretation of traditional decor. But the bed was firm enough, the towels were clean and I appreciated the KitKats which were replenished during our stay.

Our location also ensured that we had a quiet night’s sleep, so I could live with the furnishings.

The bathroom was small and functional with a basket of standard toiletries. The whole space was small and old, but the water was hot enough for me which was the most important thing.

Due to Covid we had to fill in details of our car for free parking outside in addition to requests for our morning meals.

Eating the meals were definitely the best part of our stay and I had fresh fruit every morning along with a pot of tea.

The eggs were always cooked perfectly and mixed well with any salad, vegetables, bread or meat that we desire. Our host was friendly and happy to cook any weird version of the Full English that we ask for.

Ultimately I enjoyed my stay at Cedar House B&B and I think it can charge much higher rates with just a spot of redecoration, however with only five rooms available I can see this B&B being happy to keep its old fashioned vibe.


Cedar House B&B

Website: http://www.cedarhousebandbmatlock.co.uk/

Address: Cedar House B&B, Olde Englishe Rd, Matlock DE4 3LX

Opening hours: 16:00 – 21:00 Check In, 10:30 Check Out

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