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Quick Review: Yakigaki no Hayashi in Miyajima, Japan

Quick Review: Yakigaki no Hayashi in Miyajima, Japan

Yakigaki no Hayashi has a great reputation for its fresh oysters and meticulous presentation, so I was surprised at the lack of a queue to this spacious restaurant. This was in the early morning just after the restaurants opened on Miyajima and the Island had a slower vibe as a whole, so perhaps this was normal for the area.

Yakigaki no Hayashi in Miyajima

Afterwards I had a peek around the back and it appeared that there was a large room at the back full of people which put my mind at rest that all was right with the world. A good Japanese restaurant without people in it 24/7 just felt blasphemous and I’m just not comfortable with the concept.

The restaurant had a typical cosy Japanese style café vibe to it and it had a tiny connected stall facing the streets from which you could purchase oysters outside. We opted to pop in for a quick snack because I wanted to try their fresh raw oysters and also because I’m a big fan of sitting down in general.

Big fan – Stock photo

We ordered their popular Namagaki dish which consisted of four raw oysters at 1,400.00 JPY / 8.90 GBP; this dish had four oysters arranged on a plate of ice to maintain freshness and accompanied with a mini Miyajima gate to maintain cuteness. I bet the gate decoration alone was worth 500.00 JPY / 3.18 GBP alone and I was happy to pay it; I’m a sucker for tiny useless decorations after all.

Yakigaki no Hayashi in Miyajima
Namagaki dish

Jokes aside this was hands down the best oysters I’ve ever tasted in my life, the fresh slippery smoothness was unbeatable even without the sauce and we ordered additional oysters for 750.00 JPY / 4.77 GBP because it tasted so delicious. It wasn’t the cheapest restaurant that we’ve visited but was totally worth it as the quality of the oysters was extremely high.

Yakigaki no Hayashi in Miyajima
Yakigaki no Hayashi in Miyajima
…and succulent
Yakigaki no Hayashi in Miyajima
Additional raw oysters

10/10 will recommend. I wished that we had stopped there again before we left Miyajima.


Yakigaki no Hayashi

Website: http://www.yakigaki-no-hayashi.co.jp/english/

Address: 505-1 Miyajimacho, Hatsukaichi, Hiroshima 739-0588, Japan/〒739-0588 広島県廿日市市宮島町505-1

Opening hours: 10:30 – 17:00

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