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Quick Review: Union Kitchen, Copenhagen

Quick Review: Union Kitchen, Copenhagen

The Union Kitchen is a very well regarded breakfast/brunch stop that we visited just before our Canal Tour of Copenhagen. Despite the early hour most of the seats were already booked or taken when we arrived.

We managed to grab a seat by the very stylish bar. The whole restaurant was very chic with carefully designed lighting to segregate different areas, dark wood panelling to make the room cosier and a mixture of wooden furniture to add a rustic touch. Of course candles were everywhere despite the bright daylight. There were even candles in the bathroom, because who says that doing your business can’t be romantic/cosy?

No, I didn’t take any photos of the toilets.

Quick Review: Union Kitchen
Chic lighting design

There were quirky touches with skull mugs and a cute first aid box

Quick Review: Union Kitchen
Quick Review: Union Kitchen

Chilled music played throughout the restaurant and within half an hour of us sitting down there were absolutely no seats left and people were being turned away.

So it’s a very popular and stylish place, but what about the food and drink?

For drinks I was tempted by these citrus based drinks in jam jars, because I’m a sucker for jam jars…

Quick Review: Union Kitchen

But we opted for a more breakfast appropriate cafe mocha and matcha latte. I had a feeling that the barista was definitely hitting on my bf though… 

The matcha latte wasn’t quite bitter nor sweet with a very light texture; it was quite odd overall and not my favourite. The Mocha was pretty much pure chocolate and infinitely better as a result.

We ordered the Brunch Plate  to share, which came with a bowl of bread which we didn’t touch.

Quick Review: Union Kitchen

Because the Brunch Plate was pretty massive.

Quick Review: Union Kitchen
Quick Review: Union Kitchen

It was mostly easy to equally split the items between us with notable exceptions (that avocado toast…).

As for the items on the plate:

The bacon was very salty but this went very well with the other elements. In contrast the The cheese was forgettable because I’m not really a cheese person. I am however a salmon person and the salmon was cold and very refreshing.

Quick Review: Union Kitchen
Split food

Crunchy yogurt.

Quick Review: Union Kitchen

The egg was deliciously creamy (possibly a lot of milk?)

Quick Review: Union Kitchen

A slice of waffle with a dollop of yogurt and Irish coffee was just the way it should be: crunchy firm edges and a soft interior. The croissant and fruit were very freshly made/cut.

Quick Review: Union Kitchen

An achingly hip avocado toast was very crunchy and hard and that was all I could remember. 

Quick Review: Union Kitchen

The salad was coated in light vinegar and surprisingly not bitter. Quick Review: Union Kitchen

Overall it was a decent brunch in terms of quantity, variety and quality of food. What sold the meal was the environment though. The hum of conversation really added to the relaxing atmosphere and I felt so chilled that I didn’t want to leave the warm restaurant for a less warm canal tour afterwards. The Union Kitchen gets a recommendation from me.

The Cafe Mocha costed 45,00 DKK / 5.10 GBP, the Matcha latte 48,00 DKK / 5.44 GBP and the Brunch Plate was 175,00 DKK / 19.84 GBP. The total cost was 268,00 DKK / 30.39 GBP. It was more than enough to fill the both of us up and we didn’t even have space for the free bread. This was a very reasonable meal when compared to London prices.


Union Kitchen

Website: https://www.theunionkitchen.dk/

Address: Store Strandstræde 21, 1255 København K, Denmark

Opening hours: 

Monday – Thursday: 07:30 – 23:00

Friday: 07:30 – 24:00

Saturday: 08:00 – 24:00

Sunday: 08:00 – 23:00

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