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Quick Review: The Painswick Hotel & Restaurant, The Cotswolds

Quick Review: The Painswick Hotel & Restaurant, The Cotswolds

The Painswick Hotel and Restaurant was one of the only places open for lunch when we arrived in town around a Saturday afternoon. 

This handsome grade II listed 18th century building was built in the Palladian style, a European architectural inspired by the classical temple architecture of the ancient Greeks and Romans, and has been under the current management since 2015.

Wandering around the building we found the grounds neat and well maintained with dashes of seasonal cheer. The sunlight made the Cotswold stone glow beautifully and almost tricked us into thinking that the weather was warmer than it was.


Quick Review: The Painswick

We entered the small lobby, furnished with a medium sized christmas tree, and were quickly led to a seat in the restaurant area which used to function as a parish room.

The restaurant consisted of two rooms with one serving more of a bar area whilst the other had a traditional restaurant layout. The restaurant stood out with its rounded wall on one side due to the unique building layout.

Quick Review: The Painswick Quick Review: The Painswick

The decor was what I would describe as relaxed country chic with various shades of blue, herringbone flooring, wooden furniture and panelling.


I also explored the official bar area and common areas upstairs and the decoration was very consistent throughout being both fashionable yet comfortable.

There was a mild sheep theme throughout and the female toilets had an interesting bright pink colour palette. Note I do not normally take photographs of toilets, but there’s just something about pink pineapples that I can’t resist…


Quick Review: The Painswick

But enough about the building. For drinks we ordered two mocktails for £6 each: a Barnsley apple aperitif (seedlip non-alcoholic gin mixed with elderflower syrup, apple juice, fresh mint and cucumber) and a Raspberry ripple (A non-alcoholic gin with fresh raspberry, elderflower and a hint of lemon). The raspberry drink was sweeter and so I preferred it.

Quick Review: The Painswick

We had some complimentary fresh bread with butter which was nice and warm.

Quick Review: The Painswick

We both went for the lunch menu which offered two courses for £21 and three for £25. I had the crispy pig’s head, chorizo and granny smith apple for the starter. The texture of the meat was ideal: solid enough to keep its shape during cutting but meltingly soft in my mouth. The strong flavours of the pork and chorizo was nicely offset by the sweetness of the apples.

for the mains my bf ordered the cornish cod, pommes anna purple sprouting broccoli and shellfish sauce. He really enjoyed the texture of the fish.  

I had the slow cooked lamb belly, roast sand carrots and buttered greens. The lamb was very juicy and the butter made the greens deliciously creamy. I could eat another plate of it and I wished the portion was around 15% larger than it was.

Our meal was of a good quality and a tad on the expensive side for the Cotwolds. Lunch for two including drinks was £54 and I recommend the place for those looking for good food in a chic but relaxed environment.


The Painswick Hotel & Restaurant

Website: https://www.thepainswick.co.uk/

Address: The Painswick Hotel & Restaurant, Kemps Ln, Painswick, Stroud GL6 6YB

Opening hours: 12:00 – 14:00 (Sun: 12:00 – 14:30), 15:00 – 16:30, 18:30 – 21:00 (Fri & Sat: 18:00 – 21:00)

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