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Quick Review: Taberu in Oxford, UK

Quick Review: Taberu in Oxford, UK

I hadn’t planned on visiting any specific restaurants during my Cotswold staycation, but I’d figured that my meals would have a distinctly British theme throughout in keeping with its surroundings.

It turned out that three days of solid European meals were enough to break me and I pushed for Japanese food on my last night spent in Oxford.

As this was such a spontaneous decision we stopped off in Society Cafe to research restaurants whilst avoiding the cold.

Quick Review: Society Cafe in Oxford

The Cafe had a very distinct student hipster vibe which I liked a lot, with cool geometric shapes, stark and almost industrial furnishings and a splash of teal with the coffee machine.

I had a matcha latte whilst my bf had the hot chocolate, it did the job of warming us up.

Finally we decided on Taberu in Cowley Road. It had a solid reputation for decently priced sushi of a quality standard and so we set out for the apparently “dodgier” side of Oxford. This is code for the more affordable and less historically important part of Oxford.

The restaurant was housed in a small building that felt more like an extension of someone’s home and had colourful graffiti on the exterior.

Quick Review: Taberu in Oxford

The interior was very clean and modern with lots of fake(?) greenery draped below the ceiling for atmosphere I guess.

I ordered individual sushi whilst my partner had the Pork Katsudon  (Fried breaded pork on rice) and we both ordered a Calpis (a sweet yogurt-like drink). There was only one other table occupied at the time, so our orders came quickly. The staff were very unobtrusive and professional. 

Quick Review: Taberu in Oxford

The Pork Katsudon was £9.20 and came with lots of rice and egg.

Quick Review: Taberu in Oxford

I ordered tuna and salmon nigiri as well as flying fish roe, capelin roe and kaiso (mixed seaweed) gunkan. This came to £17.90. Our meal was £33 including the Calpis drinks.

Quick Review: Taberu in Oxford Quick Review: Taberu in Oxford

Both dishes were warm, filling and generous with their proportions and just what I needed at an affordable price.

If you are craving sushi in Oxford City, then Taberu is a decent option.



Website: http://taberu.co.uk/

Address: 100 Cowley Rd, Cowley, Oxford OX4 1JE

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