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Quick Review: Sushitei in Hiroshima, Japan

Quick Review: Sushitei in Hiroshima, Japan

Sushitei was on all the sushi recommendation lists for Hiroshima and had multiple branches in the city. They are famous for well priced sushi sets and I was prepared for all the seafood one Sunday evening in one of Sushitei’s bustling restaurants.

We ordered an Itasan Omakase to share for 2,500.00 JPY / 16.61 GBP which was reasonable pricing for Japanese sushi and extremely reasonable for London pricing especially for the types of sushi available.

Sushitei in Hiroshima

We were seated at the bar and were able to see the friendly chefs at work. They didn’t speak much English but knew enough to speedily make our orders.

Sushitei in Hiroshima
Sushi bar

We sipped on the hot red miso soup which came with our meal set whilst we waited for the sushi to arrive. A bit on the salty side for me but I like my food more mild.

Sushitei in Hiroshima
Red miso soup

The sushi came piece by piece with the wasabi inside.

This is no basic cucumber and avocado rolls here, we are talking about the good stuff.

Not just the standard salmon roll, cooked shrimp, yellow-tail, squid and salmon nigiri, but also horse mackerel, sweet shrimp, cockle, sea urchin, salmon roe, fatty tuna, special fatty tuna…

Sushitei in Hiroshima
Tuna, yellowtail and squid

The particular standouts were the fatty tuna, cockles, sea urchan, salmon roe, the mile long eel…

Okay it was all pretty good. Fresh with the perfect warm rice, I enjoyed every bite and ordered more of the eel, cockle and fatty tuna afterwards.

Sushitei in Hiroshima
Shrimp and horse mackerel
Sushitei in Hiroshima
Salmon and cockle
Sushitei in Hiroshima
Salmon roll, sea urchin and salmon roe
Sushitei in Hiroshima

Sushitei had the most reasonable and frankly best sushi I had tasted in Japan and I had an unhealthy amount considering the time I’d actually spent in the country over the years.



Website: http://hinoki.to/sushitei/

Address: 1-chōme-4-31 Ōtemachi, Naka-ku, Hiroshima, 730-0051, Japan/〒730-0051 広島県広島市中区大手町1丁目4−31

Opening hours: 17:00 – 24:00

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