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Quick Review: Miyajima Itsuki Coffee, Japan

Quick Review: Miyajima Itsuki Coffee, Japan

I couldn’t leave Miyajima Island without at least one more dessert and I opted for a café not listed in my 40 page restaurant recommendation list: Miyajima Itsuki coffee. I went there for the attractive looking store design, the large number of people inside and the cute ice cream advertisements outside the store.

Miyajima Itsuki Coffee

Itsuka had that minimalist and clean design that I’m a sucker for, it was all about clean lines, a monochromatic palette and simple wooden furniture. Its store symbol was a very chic black outline of a mountain. There was a manageable queue to order, the staff spoke passable English and they accepted card. It really felt like an alternative Starbucks.

Itsuki coffee did two types of ice cream: coffee and chocolate with a mixed option costing 450.00 JPY / 2.86 GBP.

Miyajima Itsuki Coffee
Advertising ice creams

I’m not joking about the ice cream being cute, I mean look at the perfect rounded tiers:

Miyajima Itsuki Coffee
Coffee ice cream

I opted for the coffee ice cream and it had a very distinct coffee taste which made sense I suppose. It was very refreshing and definitely woke me up.

My bf had the mixed cone and it was even prettier:

Miyajima Itsuki Coffee
Coffee and Chocolate ice cream

He was a big fan of the taste though to be fair it’s hard to screw up ice cream.

It was a nice classic way to end my food journey in Hiroshima, although I kind of wished I had more oysters…


Miyajima Itsuki coffee

Website: https://itsuki-miyajima.com/shop/itsuki/

Address: 1-8 Ōmachi Miyajimachō, Hatsukaichi-shi, Hiroshima 739-0588, Japan/1-8 大町 宮島町 廿日市市 広島県 739-0588

Opening hours: 9:00 – 19:00

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