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Quick Review: Kissho Karyo Gion, Japan

Quick Review: Kissho Karyo Gion, Japan

Kissho Karyo Gion was so popular on a weekday afternoon that we had to wait an hour before a table was available in the 24 seater cafe. Thankfully the place employed a ticket system and we were able to roam around for the hour instead of waiting in a queue.

Kissho Karyo GionKissho Karyo is a sleek and modern dessert specialist with a pricey shop downstairs and a small cafe upstairs. This is no hole in the wall but a carefully designed store and cafe; with a well preserved traditional exterior, sleek automatic doors, carefully curated wares and a window looking into the staff meticulously smoothing the top of their famous parfaits with a spatula. Savoury options are available but the desserts are Kissho Karyo’s calling card.

Kissho Karyo Gion

When we returned in an hour we showed our ticket and was directed upstairs to a small wooden table, the cafe at a whole could only realistically cater to groups of two to four people.

We ordered their famous warabi-mochi for 1,100.00 JPY / 7.00 GBP and a strawberry parfait for 1,292.00 JPY / 8.22 GBP

Kissho Karyo GionThe warabi mochi was the best that I’ve had, the texture was not too watery and it mixed well with the black syrup and kinako powder.

Kissho Karyo GionThe problem with warabi mochi is that it could be tasteless at times, so I appreciated the cup of black syrup that came with the dish to adjust the sweetness.

Kissho Karyo GionIt was very well done and presented prettily in a bamboo container.

Kissho Karyo Gion Kissho Karyo Gion Kissho Karyo GionDespite the quality of the warabi mochi, the parfait was in a level of its own in terms of looks, taste and enjoyment.

I mean just look at it:
Kissho Karyo Gion
Kissho Karyo GionI’ve never seen such a precisely perfect dessert, this looked like the golden ratio of parfaits.
Kissho Karyo GionAmazingly it tasted as good as it looked and was a vast improvement on my parfait experience in the Rilakkuma cafe.

The perfectly dusted biscuit top broke satisfyingly under my spoon and was a crumbly delight. It dipped perfectly into the cream beneath.Kissho Karyo GionThe mixture of the cream, fresh strawberries, vanilla ice cream and strawberry jam was exquisite and light on the tongue and palate; I felt as if I could eat another one.

I easily had the best dessert of the trip at Kissho Karyo Gion, it is certainly worth the wait and the above average Japanese pricing.


Kissho Karyo Gion

Website: https://kisshokaryo.jp/

Address: 306 Ishibashichō, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto, 605-0066, Japan/〒605-0066 京都府京都市東山区石橋町306

Opening times: 10:00 – 19:00

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