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Quick Review: Igloo in Cirencester, The Cotswolds

Quick Review: Igloo in Cirencester, The Cotswolds

I was really grateful to the Igloo for being one of the only restaurants in Cirencester with space to accommodate us when I made the smart decision not to book anything on one of Cirencester’s busiest nights. 

Quick Review: Igloo in Cirencester

We had to wait for nearly an hour before a table was free, so we spent that time drinking hot chocolate on the sofa and admiring the penguin themed decorations. The hot chocolate was very creamy and a pound or two cheaper than the stalls outside in the Christmas Market.

By the time we were sat down for dinner we were absolutely starving. We ordered the octopus and squid starter for £5.95. It was nice and juicy with not too much fry.

I ordered a Chicken Satay Curry main for £10.95 after I found that the popular Bajan pepper pot dish was unavailable. This was unfortunate because I wanted a very soupy and saucy dish and it turned out that the Chicken Satay Curry was as dry as a bone. Every component was well done; the chicken was nicely meaty with a crispy exterior, the vegetables were juicy and the rice was firm. However it was just too dry a dish for me that night and I couldn’t finish such large portions.

My bf ordered the Chicken Enchiladas for £10.95 which were hot, creamy and delicious. It was also absolutely massive. I enjoyed his dish a lot more and could tell that they cook well here.

Our dinner came to £27.85 excluding the hot chocolate and including VAT. It was a very affordable, hot and filling meal in a relaxed and quirky restaurant: The Igloo is an easy recommendation from me.


Igloo in Cirencester

Website: http://www.igloo.biz/

Address: 37 Castle St, Cirencester GL7 1QD

Opening hours: Mon – Sat: 9:00 – 21:00, Sun: 10:00 – 15:00

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