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Half day in Cannes, France Review

Half day in Cannes, France Review

Cannes was pretty much what I expected it to be. Shiny, full of yachts and pretty flashy.

We started off at the port to look at more yachts. This was out of habit more than anything else as it was the last day of our trip and I was pretty yachted out. 

Neither of us were gamblers so we weren’t interested in the casino at all.

The Cannes festival wasn’t on so the Palais des Festivals was isolated. We didn’t enter this place either because the building gave off an imposing aura with its massive glass and concrete exterior. Instead I ogled at the hand prints of stars I’ve mostly never heard of and went to the less intimidating tourism office.

This place was huge and had a fun little section set up like the red carpet during the Cannes festival, but the staff seemed way too busy to talk to me.

The promenade of La Croisette was wide, perfectly maintained and great for a stroll with the whole family, especially for older folks. It wasn’t busy at all during the low season; in fact it felt very empty which added to the relaxing vibe.

The views of the beach were beautiful.

Next stop was Le Suquet or the Old Quarter which was completely empty by the late afternoon and allowed a lot of nice shots of the pretty pastel buildings.

Lastly we browsed through the shops and I knew things were out of my price range when I couldn’t recognise the names of any of the jewellery stores and most of the luxury ones. Some brands are just so high on the totem pole that plebs don’t even know about them.

Everything about Cannes was bright and sparkly, from the roads to the buildings to the people. Too bad it had such a cold and empty atmosphere outside of the peak season.

Perhaps this was because I didn’t visit any of the museums or older buildings? Frankly I didn’t find Cannes very interesting and went because I felt it was somewhere you were supposed to go to when in the south of France.


Le Suquet, Cannes, France

Website: https://www.cannes-destination.com/must-see/le-suquet-cannes

Address: Le Suquet 06400 Cannes France                                                                                                                             

Rue Meynadier

Website: https://www.cannes-destination.com/cannes/a0013paca06v5004f3/rue-meynadier

Address: Rue Meynadier 06400 Cannes France                                                                                                                   

Boulevard de la Croisette

Website: https://www.cannes-destination.com/must-see/la-croisette-cannes

Address: Boulevard de la Croisette 06400 Cannes France                                                                                                            

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