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Four days Itinerary in The Peak District

Four days Itinerary in The Peak District

The Peak District was my second Covid 19 trip of 2020. 

By this point I knew what to expect from an UK trip at this time of year: unreliable weather, lots of walks in nature, small towns and villages, and early closures. 

I chose the Peak District since it was closer than the Lake District to London and I’d never been. With the added complication of the pandemic this trip also required extensive planning due to the booking requirements of several venues.

 The towns and villages are all reasonably close to each other so it didn’t matter where we stayed, but like all UK areas outside of major cities a car is a necessity for visiting all the major sights in good time.

Several places were closed during my time there and an announcement of a complete lockdown came in the middle of the trip, so our activities were limited. Still we made do and managed to keep ourselves busy enough to pass four days.

My itinerary for the trip:

Day 1: 29/10/20

Day 2: 30/10/20

Day 3: 31/10/20

Day 4: 01/11/20

Peak District 2020 Gallery

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