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Four days Itinerary in Nice, France

Four days Itinerary in Nice, France

Nice was my first trip of 2020 and it was a mother daughter holiday with a focus on relaxation. This itinerary was very much focused on low-energy activities that you can do with an older person with limited energy and no particular interests.

Our return flights costed £39.96 for the both of us via Ryanair and we flew from London Stansted airport to Nice Airport.

Flight Details:

Departure: Sunday 19th January 2020 from 07:55 – 11:00

Return: Thursday 23rd January 2020 from 11:35 – 12:40

Nice by itself was nice enough but four full days was far too long for this city and I planned the itinerary to allow for several side trips along the French Riviera.

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