Quick Review: Le Gambetta, France

Our last meal had to be seafood and ended up being at Le Gambetta in Nice. I say ended up because Nice restaurants have an allergy towards letting people know when their restaurants are actually open. I went to two permanently closed restaurants(?) before settling on Le Gambetta which was apparently a local favourite. By this time my mum was […]

Half day in Antibes, France Review

I’m going to be honest with you; I didn’t remember particularly enjoying Antibes. However this was mainly because all the restaurants I wanted to go to were closed and I was super hangry by the end of my visit. If you are to visit you should bring snacks because visiting outside of the tourism season is a brave choice. Port […]

Quick Review: Lou Bantry, France

The restaurant I’d planned to visit wasn’t open, likely because it wasn’t tourism season, so I ended up eating at Lou Bantry by process of elimination. It fit my criteria of being actually open, nearby, affordable and frankly I was too hungry to care.  Lou Bantry had a very strong blue nautical theme which was kitschy almost to the point […]

Quick Review: Chez Pipo, France

Chickpea flour pancakes, or socca, is a popular traditional dish in Nice and I was interested in trying out this inexpensive flatbread in a traditionally expensive part of France. One restaurant that kept popping up in my research was Chez Pipo near port Lympia, an easily accessible establishment which started in 1923. So one afternoon I located the restaurant via […]

Half day in Nice, France Review

The heart of Nice was a breeze to reach from the airport with the sleek and modern tram system linking the two easily. We arrived at our hotel within the hour of leaving the airport and after setting down our bags were ready to explore our surroundings.  Avenue Jean Médecin Our location was very central in Avenue Jean Médecin, a […]