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A hour in Fairy Glen in Betws-Y-Coed, Wales Review

A hour in Fairy Glen in Betws-Y-Coed, Wales Review

We visited Fairy Glen after our hike up Mt Snowdon and if I’d known how much additional climbing I had to do there I might have chosen to go somewhere else.

I thought Fairy Glen was a sanitised package of nature for tourists to gawk at safely behind new fencing, but I was in for a surprise. 

You really have to work for the view of this enchanting gorge.

So much climbing to do

After arriving in the small car park, we followed the path directed by the sign until we reached a turnstile entrance on our right with a farmhouse on the left.

In the past there was a honesty box for you to deposit £1.50 into to account for the parking and visiting the glen. Apparently the owner of the gorge had chased after and berated visitors who he accused of not paying and this became a bit of a news item. In fact there was a point when people purposely didn’t pay to rile up the old farmer. 

Apparently this has resulted in the installation of the gate and a firm woman sitting nearby who deposited our £3 entrance fee in her plastic box.

I guess the farmer didn’t appreciate all the negative attention and skipped the honesty box altogether.

My legs were kind of burning from the eight hour hike we just completed, so I wasn’t the most prepared for the long round route to the Glen.

It’s a natural feature and access to the water required navigating uneven and slippery stone steps. There were no handrails and the steps were quite high, so our hiking shoes were a necessity. If you have children or mobility issues you’ll have to be very careful.

A lot of clambering

I struggled a bit due to the aforementioned burning legs but managed to perch on a rock for a really lovely view of the rushing water.

The natural rock formations and moss were beautiful and despite the area being relatively small it felt very special and deserving of its name.

Fairy Glen was almost empty when we were there in the late afternoon which added to its otherworldly appeal.

I was beyond tired and had reached my limit hours ago, so although I’m glad I visited and made the most of my day, I think I would have appreciated the view more if I hadn’t just climbed a mountain.

Fairy Glen is pretty, inexpensive and not overexposed to tourists, just make sure you have the mobility skills and shoes to navigate the stone steps.


Fairy Glen – Ffos Anoddun

Website: http://www.betws-y-coed.com/place/fairy-glen/

Address: Ffos Anoddun, A5, Betws-y-Coed LL24 0HF

Opening hours: 24 hours


Adults: £1

5-15 year olds: £0.50

Parking: £1

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