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A hour at Dovedale Stepping Stones, Peak District Review

A hour at Dovedale Stepping Stones, Peak District Review

The car ride from London to our B&B in Matlock would take at least three hours, so I dropped in a quick visit to Dovedale stepping stones along the way as a break.

Of course we could have combined this with a healthy hike up Thorpe Cloud; an isolated limestone hill viewable from the stepping stones, but one look at the drizzly weather and I decided against it.

Look at that sky

The Dovedale car park was very full when we arrived at 9.30am and paid the parking fee. Notably the whole visit is free if you choose to walk or have a National Trust membership which gives free access to Ilam Park car park further away (https://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/).

Due to Covid the refreshment stands were closed and so we headed  directly towards the stones. This involved passing a wooden bridge to get to the River Dove.

The stones were quite pretty even whilst it was raining cats and dogs. 

Look at that rushing water! 

Despite the wet and shiny surface the stones weren’t slippery and quite easy to walk.

Dogs certainly had no issues.

What a good boy!


To make the most of our parking fee we crossed a good few times for the fun of it.

We opted to walk back to the car park from the other side of the stones, which was a brave choice considering how thin the path became as the hill infringed onto it.

Beautiful views of the hill though.

Through careful manoeuvring and tight negotiations we managed to finally reach and cross the bridge back to the wider path again.

This involved passing the start of the Dovedale hike.

Dovedale stepping stones was a very short and damp visit but it did the job of stretching our legs and I got to jump across rocks.

What more can one ask for?


Dovedale Stepping Stones

Website: https://www.visitpeakdistrict.com/things-to-do/dovedale

Parking Address: Dovedale Car Park, DE6 2AY

Parking Opening hours: 09:00 – 19:30

Parking Cost: £3.00

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