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A few hours in Èze Village, France Review

A few hours in Èze Village, France Review

Èze Village was highly recommended online as a beautiful hilltop village near Nice, however I nearly struck this off my list for one simple reason.

It was bloody difficult to plan into my day.


There were two main ways to get there from Nice: take a train to Èze Sur Mer station and either hike over half an hour, or wait for the slightly unreliable direct buses from Nice. 

As someone accompanying an older person with health issues, hiking was just not an option. But I’d heard that the buses sometimes just didn’t turn up and knowing that they operate hourly meant that Èze felt like a risky choice.

Sporadic buses

A risky choice I decided to take.

Fortunately the bus did turn up…eventually.

Unfortunately the infrequent timetable of the bus from Èze village to Monaco meant that I had to either rush through the village in one hour or stay far too long for four hours. 

As lovely as the village was in the beautiful morning skies, there just wasn’t enough to do to justify spending half a day there.

Èze Village

So I spent an intense hour rushing through the mountainous village and probably burnt off several calories in the process.

So many stairs…

Firstly I took several photographs of the pretty pale buildings and rolling scenery.

Then I abandoned my mother in a church.

The Church and Exotic Garden

To be fair I only did this because she didn’t want to visit the steep Le Jardin Exotique located at the top of the village. This garden was advertised as having the best views in the village and with a strict time limit we knew that she wouldn’t be able to keep up.

In addition I left her in a nice looking church.

It was nothing on the views offered by the garden though and I took full advantage.

There were plenty of greenery, especially cacti, planted throughout.

The views of the sea were breathtaking.

Statues of the female form created by the artist Jean-Philippe Richard were everywhere. I have a feeling this man was a bit obsessed with women.

I would have loved to stay longer as the village was so aesthetically pleasing, however it was very empty and felt more like a tourist destination than a living village with a community. Only the shops were open and everyone we bumped into were either fellow tourists or selling something, perhaps I came at the wrong time?

Regardless, my time was almost up and it was a race to the bottom.

Photos faithfully taken and mother dutifully collected, I managed to catch the Monaco bus in good time from the bus stop just outside the village.


At the end of the day I wouldn’t recommend leaving just an hour for a visit to Èze Village, but I’m glad I had a chance to see it, even if it literally was just a glimpse.


Èze Village

Website: https://www.provenceweb.fr/e/alpmarit/eze/eze.htm

Address: Village, Èze, France

Le Jardin Exotique d’Eze

Website: https://www.jardinexotique-eze.fr/en/

Address: 20 Rue du Château, 06360 Èze, France

Opening hours:

Dec – Mar: 9:00 – 16:30

Apr – Jun, Oct: 9:00 – 18:30

Jul – Sep: 9:00 to 19:30


Apr – Oct: 6,00 EUR / 5.14 GBP

Nov – Mar: 4,00 EUR / 3.43 GBP

Groups and students: 3,50 EUR / 3.00 GBP

Children under 12: Free

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