A few hours in Portmeirion, Wales Review

Portmeirion was our first stop in our North Wales trip as it was roughly halfway between our accommodation in Conwy and our home in London. Ever wondered what it would be like for an Italian village to be located in the UK? Well wonder no further. Built between 1925 and 1975 by Sir Clough Williams-Ellis, a Welsh architect who studied […]

Four days Itinerary in North Wales

In 2020 the world went a little crazy and my Korea trip ended up cancelled. Travelling became less important as safety came first during the Covid 19 pandemic. But everyone needs a break and so local trips were the focus with UK limitations adhered to; one of these trips being four days spent in blistery North Wales. I was actually […]

Quick Review: Le Gambetta, France

Our last meal had to be seafood and ended up being at Le Gambetta in Nice. I say ended up because Nice restaurants have an allergy towards letting people know when their restaurants are actually open. I went to two permanently closed restaurants(?) before settling on Le Gambetta which was apparently a local favourite. By this time my mum was […]

Half day in Antibes, France Review

I’m going to be honest with you; I didn’t remember particularly enjoying Antibes. However this was mainly because all the restaurants I wanted to go to were closed and I was super hangry by the end of my visit. If you are to visit you should bring snacks because visiting outside of the tourism season is a brave choice. It […]

Review: Sketch Afternoon Tea, London

When I visited the famous pink dining room of the Gallery room at Sketch for afternoon tea it was in the middle of the Covid Pandemic. Specifically it was on 03/12/20 after London came out of complete lock-down and straight into tier 3. For any foreigners reading please note that tier 3 was meant to be a label for UK […]